Building My Own Development PC

Author: Imran Nazir

Achieving Meteor 2-second rebuild time for £830


This was my purely hardware solution to the problem of slow Meteor build times.

When I decided to get into development I was adamant that I wasn’t going to run out and buy the latest and greatest in hardware until I actually knew how to code and knew what my requirements were in the long term.

So I went out and bought a used 15″ Acer laptop for £150. It had the following spec:

  • Memory: 6GB RAM
  • Processor: Intel Pentium CPU 6200 @ 2.13GHz (Dual Core)
  • OS: Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS 32-bit
  • Storage: 153.5GB HDD

With this setup, I saw rebuild times of 15-30 seconds (including the browser refresh) of a side project using Meteor 1.4, React and a Mongo-db instance with around 1500 records. I found these times to be excruciatingly slow when it came to making multiple changes to my code and waiting to see the results. You can see the initial version of the project I was working on here.

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Famous Software Failures and Why They Happened

Author: Arvind Padmanabhan

Bugs that turned out to be expensive


Some of you may recognize the picture above, of a moth taped to a log book in September 1947. The moth was found in one of the relays of Harvard’s Mark II. Although the word “bug” to describe a software fault had been in common use among engineers for some decades, this story is often mistakenly quoted as the origin of the word. If you’re an engineer, you will agree that every system has software bugs. It’s impossible to design and bring out a perfect software product. Fundamentally, the world itself is imprecise and unpredictable, and all software systems interface to the real world in one way or another. Some of these bugs may lie dormant and never see the light of day. Some others may occasionally arise and disappear without serious consequences. Some others, when they become active, cause catastrophes. It’s the last of these that deserves our attention.

An anecdote is in order. India’s Income Tax Department has a Excel file where you can enter your income details. The macros in the file will calculate the tax that you have to pay. Some years ago I used this software and submitted my tax returns. Many months later I got a notice to pay pending tax of ₹ 1! Clearly, a rounding-off error somewhere: macros in Excel did not agree with IT Department’s enterprise software. Although this bug did not cause any serious damage either to me or to the government’s coffers, history gives us far more spectacular failures due to software.

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Transformation of the Indian Industry: From Manufacturing to Design

Author: Arvind Padmanabhan

India is on the verge of an innovation wave


The IEDF website has been up and running for a while now and I have been tasked to start off the blog section. The aim of this post is to establish the Indian context in which design is becoming more and more important with every passing year. If India has to become competitive on a global scale, it is mainly design that will save the day.

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