About IEDF


Note: This blog is maintained only as a historic archive. IEDF started in August 2013 and was closed in January 2018. The IEDF Blog was moved from https://iedf.in to the current WordPress archival site.

Design is the seed corn for industrial development. Ideas may remain as ideas if not for design that realizes their true potential. Design brings ideas to fruition and puts products into the hands of consumers.

Indian Engineering Design Forum (IEDF) has been established to encourage innovation in engineering design for the Indian context. It is a platform that facilitates young and experienced engineers to connect, collaborate and innovate. Being committed to education, the forum gives due importance to career growth and self-development. Polytechnic students, engineering undergraduates and working professionals will benefit directly from the forum’s activities. The forum’s advisory board of experienced and eminent engineers will offer technical and career guidance.

This website showcases design trends, curated technology news and events from around the world. It includes directories of engineering colleges, societies and regulatory bodies. There are featured projects completed by students. The forum’s blog will be supplemented by an e-newsletter to be distributed periodically.

Just as there is a process to any engineering activity, our work is guided by three stages:

  • Connect
    Just as Newton stood on the shoulders of giants, engineers need to connect with one another and the broader R&D community. Engineers need to guide students. Students need to connect with the latest industry trends.
  • Collaborate
    Nothing important in engineering has been achieved without teamwork, cooperation and collaboration. As engineers, we need to work together, assist one another and give due credit to contributors.
  • Innovate
    To innovate is to solve new problems and old problems in new ways. Engineering is iterative, not linear. We can always improve on something that looks perfect if we only look at it from different perspectives.

Membership is free. All you need to do to become a member is to create an account on this website. You will receive an automated email that will contain a link to verify and activate your account. Some members choose to login from one of their social accounts such as Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn.

As a member, you can comment on blog posts. We will send you our monthly newsletter by email. We will notify you of any scheduled workshops or other events so that you get first priority.

You can also choose to follow us via our Facebook page or subscribe to our Twitter feed. If you use a feed reader such as Feedly, you can subscribe to our RSS feed.

IEDF is a non-profit community organization run by volunteers. We don’t charge anything for our services. Our workshops are free for all participants. Our trainers are volunteers who don’t get paid.

Venues are sponsored by organizations who are associated with us. If you would like to work with us, please write to projects@iedf.in.

Our motto is to build a better world. By enabling young engineers, we believe we can achieve this.